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Best Facebook and Instagram Marketing Tips for Your E-commerce Business!

Social media shopping has grown into a new standard. A survey from August 2019 claimed that 37% of people on social media have made a purchase online. There is more to this statistic than just quantity. It encapsulates the influence of social media in the present. This number creates an opportunity for businesses. It shows that social media is a potent lead conversion tool in addition to a platform for boosting traffic and posting content.

It’s obvious that these social media sites are successful and offer many options for your brand to interact with customers given their large existing user base. Even better, Instagram and Facebook have fought hard to close the user base disparity. Just two examples of the ways in which both platforms have helped both users and marketers are the capability to have an Instagram position for a Facebook ad and the option to post Instagram Stories straight on Facebook.

Although there are a lot of new choices for marketers to leverage in their strategies, you can’t always use the same ideas for Facebook and Instagram. Let’s explore a few of the similarities between the two in order to fully understand how your brand should target its efforts.

Why Businesses Should Market Their Products on Instagram and Facebook

  • Brand Recognition

No matter what kind of business or industry you’re in, the ultimate goal of every marketing effort is to help you develop your own brand identity. Cross-border communication has never been simple. Gaining interest on social media from users who aren’t looking for your business or product is simple and quick.

  • Audience Research

Through social media, find out more about your target market’s habits, interests, loves dislikes, and opinions on your brand and products. This might be thought of as “social listening.” You gain a lot of knowledge about your audience’s priorities and how to enhance their experience.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Social media messages from clients are sent to brands. Through social media networks, businesses may reply promptly to client questions, concerns, and criticism. It’s not easy to provide excellent customer service, but as long as you keep in close contact with your clients, you should be fine.

It’s the ideal channel for e-commerce businesses to increase sales. However, it all relies on your online behavior. Here are some tips for using Facebook and Instagram to improve e-commerce sales!

Facebook Marketing Tips

Because of Facebook’s huge user base, small companies feel compelled to create a Facebook Page even if they don’t necessarily plan to be active on it. Facebook has established itself as a staple in the field of online marketing.

  • Post Facebook Ads

Stop publishing regular content and switch to Facebook ads instead. By the end of 2022, Facebook will have almost 3 billion monthly active users, making it the largest social network in the world. This allows each shop to focus on a different audience. A fantastic approach to start reaching consumers is through Facebook Ads.

Ecommerce marketers have a competitive advantage in the sales space by using Facebook as their primary marketing platform. A marketing campaign requires time, money, and effort to develop, therefore when a campaign doesn’t generate leads, it reflects poorly on the ad budget. But fortunately, by grasping how Facebook ads work, we can now generate successful sales. You only need an optimized campaign to succeed.

Facebook is usually used for socializing rather than making purchases, so choosing the correct audience and niche is crucial for your message to be heard. Start by boosting the posts that received the most interest, then remarket them. Try out various ad formats and evaluate them with target audiences.

  • Go Live on Facebook

Facebook now permits shops to sell goods via live streaming. Feature and sell any item you like from your product catalog during your live stream. During the stream, viewers see the products and send you real-time messages with screenshots or images of the items. The transaction is completed from your inbox. Only WOW internet packages in town that give extremely fast internet and good communication skills are all you need for seamless transactions on the platform!

For every online store, Facebook marketing and live streaming have transformed the game.

  • Broad Audience Targeting

While ads are an excellent approach to attracting past website visitors, you will need to put in a little more work to reach potential customers. With broad audience targeting, business ads will target customers who have bought or watched items of a similar nature from other businesses or who show an interest in Facebook posts that offer the products of another company.

Simply put, broad audience targeting aims to reach consumers who express interest in the products or services that a company is marketing. Prospects will see appropriate ads on Facebook when employing dynamic ads.

Facebook has the potential to be the best social media marketing tool for your e-commerce company once you master its ads, live product streaming, and audience targeting features.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is mostly used for sharing photographs, hence it performs better than Facebook in terms of image performance. On the other hand, the text is typically better left on Facebook. You must take your audience’s use of each social network into account.

  • Expand your Follower List

Although increasing your following is obvious sense, there are several advantages to doing so on Instagram. You can post links to your stories once you have gained over 10,000 Instagram followers. The user will be sent to the link you’ve added, which in your instance would be your website, with just one swipe.

Marketers for online stores have the option to group their stories under “highlights.” These highlights essentially serve as “folders” for the content you post on your stories. For instance, you can create a highlight called “New Product Launch” and add all stories that discuss the new launches to it. Similarly, you can promote a number of features on your website, including best sellers, user reviews, and more.

  • Set up a Shoppable Instagram

Instagram has never made it simpler to shop. You can create shoppable posts on your feed’s shop page to share your products’ prices and specifications with your followers. Shoppable posts in Stories and posts are used by e-commerce businesses to reach more profiles.

With product tags or even the “Shop” link on your profile, users can visit your page, browse your products, and buy stuff! By marking the product and providing all of the product’s details in the tag, you can maximize reach and engagement. This will spare the user from having to wait around and ask for information.

For instance, if you post a picture of a model using skincare products, you can identify the model, and the product, offer its name and price, and include a link to place an order.

  • Rely on IGTV

Through Reels and IGTV, Instagram is revolutionizing online commerce. You can now highlight your products to viewers on a global scale, allowing them to make direct purchases and watch videos from your website or Instagram. This feature simplifies the entire live shopping process, supporting businesses in developing and growing.

The kind of content you post on Facebook or Instagram, as we previously covered, is also crucial. Companies frequently make the error of treating Instagram like Facebook. Instagram often struggles to successfully convert content that performs well on Facebook. Testing your content on Facebook and Instagram is recommended to identify which platform performs the best.

To Sum It All Up

Social media is not just a tool for interacting with others. Success doesn’t come quickly, and it certainly doesn’t when you’re not using social media sites. It’s difficult to build a brand and community from scratch, but one place to start is by being familiar with the features and distinctive features of each platform!

Instagram cannot replace Facebook, nor can Facebook replace Instagram. Find a happy balance after identifying your audience and the kind of content you wish to produce. The issue isn’t which social network is superior in the end. You need to consider how your business may use each one to connect with its target market and enhance its social media presence.