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How Travel Impacts Athlete Health & Performance

In the world we are today, travel has become more prevalent than ever before, particularly for athletes. Every day, athletes travel around the world for one competition or the other; there are possibilities that this travel can have a better or negative impact on their performances. Fortunately, there are ways to go about reducing the adverse effects of travel among them. With the help of the internet, we have come up with tips and tricks that help athletes beat travel fatigue. Let’s read on.


Impact on an athlete’s health

There is no doubt traveling is not an easy task; it can take a toll on an athlete’s health. The roughest among means of travel that usually have a significant effect on their health is traveling by air. However, for reasons like no space to move around and humidity level, that is 10% lower than the body makes traveling by air uncomfortable for athletes. With all this experience as a sportsman, there are measures recommended for such athletes.

Pre-flight: one of the best steps that an athlete can take before embarking on a trip is taking some days for rest. An athlete should fly a few days before taking up a competition. According to experts, an athlete should begin acclimating to their destination time zone by adjusting their sleeping time with one-hour difference to balance up with the time zone of where they want to take up a competition.

During the flight: there is no how an athlete will not face discomfort while traveling; that is why in most cases, the recommended airplane used to be the type that has a stretcher so that they could extend their seat backward and stretch their body while on air.

However, another thing is that, with the help of earplugs, exposure to harmful air travel noise will reduce. It will not disrupt their sleep if they eventually fall asleep and having a higher chance of keeping their blood pressure regular. When an athlete is on a plane, he can move around as much as he wants, it is allowed to keep the body busy.

Upon arrival: as the athlete arrives at his destination, the athlete should avoid taking long naps instead remain awake till bed’s time in the new location. Keeping a position at one spot for long hours can decrease melatonin production in the body. The athlete can as well choose to go for low impact aerobic exercise a few minutes after landing; it will help them reduce grogginess and loosen up, which is an excellent way of minimizing potential injury.

Do bear in mind as an athlete that you need to give yourself extra time to adjust to a new environment as scheduling will not permit you to make adjustments.


There are lots of reasons that can make you travel around the world as a sportsman. Most teams use a travel company like Primesports to book most of their travel activities; the reason why they do that is that their company name carries something similar to sport, whereas they are travel agents.